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Current Events

« English » Glottolog 3. 0 Jena, Germany: Utmost Planck Institute for the Science associated with Human History. ISBN 978-0-19-516803-7 Retrieved 25 Feb 2015. Archived from the original (PDF) upon October 25, 2007. Featured content represents the best associated with Wikipedia, including articles, pictures, as well as other efforts that showcase excellent results of the particular collaborative efforts of Wikipedia.

The Economist documented that the number of contributors with an typical of five or more edits each month was relatively constant since 08 for Wikipedia in other languages with approximately 42, 000 editors inside narrow seasonal variances of about two, 000 editors up or straight down.

171 Within Modern English, adjectives are not inflected, and they do not agree in type with the noun they modify, since adjectives in most other Indo-European dialects do. For example , in the phrases the particular slender boy, and many slender ladies, the adjective slender does not alter form to agree with either the quantity or gender of the noun.

Another 28, 000 articles are designated as good articles Several information on Wikipedia is organized straight into lists; the best of these are specified as featured lists Wikipedia also offers portals, which organize content close to topic areas; our best portals are usually selected as featured portals Content articles can be found using the search box within the top-right side of the screen.


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